The only sort of pictures you should be reblogging of Jennifer Lawrence

have unfollowed 20+ blogs on here already and i will unfollow anyone else who reblogs nude photos taken NON-CONSENSUALLY from these women.  it is sexual violation (fueled by the objectification of women) and anybody who participates that is the literal scum of the earth

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makeup is a fucking art and if you shit on girls who wear makeup i will shit on everything you hold dear

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The Red Queen ~ Asima Sefic by Maja Topcagic

What I would give to have hair and freckles like this

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Geometric watercolor-like tattoos by Russian based artist Sasha Unisex 

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If you are naturally big, That’s fine 

If you are naturally skinny, That’s fine 

If you are naturally big and work your ass off everyday and enjoy it just to get the figure you want, That’s fine 

If you are naturally Skinny and can’t run for 10 seconds, That’s fine 

If you have the biggest booty in the world and love it, That’s fine 

If you have a little booty and don’t care, That’s fine 

Being body positive is about loving All bodies, big and small.  

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imagine how different your life would be if you had complete and unrestricted access to all the clothes you wanted and no limitations on wearing them

imagine how confident everyone would be. it’d be beautiful 

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Alloy zodiac charms in bronze! These bracelet charms features each of the 12 zodiac signs. The back shows the symbol for the sign and the personality trait associated with it :) Perfect if you want to make your own custom bracelet or necklace.

Hurry, there’s only 2 charms in stock for each sign except Capricorn, Aquarius and Scorpio which have 1 left!

*Bear in mind shipping prices go down when you order more than 1 item. Try to order multiple things with your friends so you can save on shipping!

絕對不是領域 © Frank  (please do not remove)

絕對不是領域 © Frank  (please do not remove)

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1. Chalcopyrite
2. Azurite
3. Chalcopyrite with Quartz
4. Spessartine on Smoky Quartz
5. Fluorite stalactite
6. Dioptase
7. Amethyst
8. Rainbow Aura Quartz
9. Dioptase
10.. Burmese Tourmaline 8.15 ct

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